Puppet Making Workshop

This term we have been learning about what makes toys special and in particular, we have been learning about different puppets. So far, we have made finger puppets, paper plate puppets and some felt, hand puppets. We have been following procedures in order to make our wonderful puppets. Stay tuned to check out some of the fantastic procedural texts we create next week!


Today we had a visit from our mate John from the Don’t Move Puppet Theatre who came back to our school to help us make some AMAZING PUPPETS! He had a wonderful workshop organised with all the materials we needed to make some fabulous puppets. Check out our PhotoPeach to see how we created our puppets using foam, sticks and lots of decorative goodies 🙂



 Puppet Making Workshop on PhotoPeach

Comment On:

What did you like about the photos from the workshop? Why?

What do you think is special about puppets?

Have you made a puppet before? Describe it.

33 thoughts on “Puppet Making Workshop

  1. Dear Miss Riley,

    We loved the puppet workshop and we love making puppets.

    We made a puppet before at school.

    Have you made a puppet on your own?

    Klarissa, Dawite & Sarah

  2. Dear Miss Riley,

    We loved the photo peach because the first photo was funny.
    We both liked Oscar’s because it looked funny.

    wich was your favoruite photo Miss Riley?

    From Charlotte & Jake : -)

    • Dear Charlotte & Jake,

      Miss Riley`s favourite photo was when we were cutting the puppets head.
      What was your favourite photo?

      Zoe & Sarah 🙂

  3. Dear Miss Riley,

    We liked the photopeach because it was great and everyone was happy.

    The special thing about puppet is you can make them and play with them.

    We all made a puppet yesterday but Anna and Charlotte were not there.

    From Makayla and Richard

  4. Dear Miss Riley,

    We liked your post because it is good and the class had lots of fun.
    Our favourite part was decorating it. 🙂
    We like the puppets because they looked amazing.

    Miss Riley do you like our puppets?

    Elaine and Syana 1L

  5. Dear Miss Riley,

    We like Crystal’s Puppet and Izabella’s puppet.
    Puppets are special because they are old fashion.

    From your cheeky students Izabella and Crystal

  6. Dear Miss Riley,

    We liked the part when we were cuting the foam because it was fun. The special thing about puppets are that you can play with it. Yes we have we have made 4 kinds of puppets. We both like making puppets because it is very very fun.

    From your cheeky students Brieanne and Ken

  7. Dear Miss Riley,

    We liked Zoe’s puppet because it really looked like a cat.

    Puppets are special because they make people happy.

    Luella has made a paper puppet. It was colourful.

    From luella andy and wyatt.

  8. Dear Miss Riley,

    We liked the photo peach because they put lots of effort.

    We like puppets because we get to make them & play with them.

    All us three have made puppts and it was really fun.

    All us three have made finger hand puppets, paper hand puppets & hand felt puppets.

    Oscar, Ruby & Alex

  9. Sensational Miss Riley! Congratulations on your great work, the photos are awesome and the slideshow illustrates how the students developed from the starting point of a piece of foam to a completed puppet! The grade 1’s did really well! CONGRATULATIONS, and I hope to visit your school again.
    Cheers, John.

    • Dear John the puppet man,

      CONGRATULATIONS you are the first person who commented from the Don’t Move Puppet Theatre. My favourite part was when it was time to decorate our puppets. Miss Bethany Riley was suprised. Miss Bethany Riley thought our puppets were amazing! My friends call Miss Riley, Miss Bethany Riley. I had fun and I love making puppets. 🙂

      From a
      giggly kid from Miss
      Bethany Riley’s class
      Elaine 🙂 🙂

  10. Dear Miss.Riley and 1L,

    The puppets you created look fantastic and the photos show you all having a lot of fun making them!!
    1L have amazing creativity skills

    From Klarissa’s sister Latisha 🙂

  11. Dear Miss.Riley and 1L,
    I really like some of the puppets you made, it looked like you had a lot of fun and enjoyed making them!!!

    I have made a puppet of my own before, it was lots of fun.

    Happy Puppeting!,
    From Jessica in 5C

  12. Dear Miss Riley:-)

    I liked aboute the the photo because the puppets look so good!!
    Ken’s puppet is funny!!;-)

    But all of them are so so great!!;-)

    From your gamer jake buy buy!:-)

  13. Dear Miss Riley and 1L,

    That puppet making looked like so much fun!
    All your puppets were awesome.
    It looked like you nwere enjoying the puppet making session!

    From, Michala 🙂
    (Allanah’s buddy)

    • Dear Michala,

      We have Made alot of puppets.
      We have made finger puppets.
      We have made fabrike puppets.
      We have made paper puppets.

      Have you made puppets?

      From Richard

  14. Dear Miss Riley and 1L,

    I really thought your puppets were AMAZING!!!
    I liked the photos you posted on your blog because I think they need to be seen by others. I have made a puppet before but I never made it as good as yours.
    Are you putting on a puppet show? because i would love to come. I think you SHOULD show your great creativity skills to the whole school.

    From Jacinda 5D

    • Dear Jacinda,

      Thank you SO much for your fabulous comment! It is so wonderful to have comments from other students in our school. 🙂

      I agree with your statement about our photos being seen by others. I think it is really important for students to share their learning so it creates discussion about new ideas and information.

      We are working on a puppet show and we definitely have a puppet expo in the works for week 10 so stay tuned! Thank you for complimenting our creativity!

      Hope to see you back on here soon!
      Warm Regards
      Miss Riley 🙂

  15. Dear Miss.Riley and 1L
    your puppets are asome i wish i could of joined in the workshop!!!

    hope you have fun playing with them!
    From Chloe 5D:)

  16. Dear Miss Riley,

    Your post about the puppet makeing workshop was amazing and the photopeach was great.

    And I have made a puppet at school.
    How many times have you made a puppet?

    From Khaeden

  17. Dear Miss Riley,

    We all loved the post about the puppet’s.

    thank you miss riley for giving us this incursion.
    we hope we can have another one just as good soon..
    from klarissa,sarah,dawite

  18. Dear Miss Riley,

    Thank you for the puppet making workshop.

    Our favourite puppet is Jake`s dog puppet.

    Can we all do it again please?

    Andy and Zoe

  19. Dear Year1
    All your puppets looked amazing and really fun to play with.
    Maybe you guys could teach me how to make puppets.
    From Ellie 5D 🙂 🙂 :0
    P.S I hope you enjoyed the puppet show. 🙂 🙂

  20. Dear Miss Riley,

    I really liked your post about the puppet making workshop.

    Most of all I liked the photos because they were interesting.

    From Khaeden

  21. Dear Miss Riley,

    The puppet making workshop was orwsam!
    we loved to make puppets.
    our favrote puppet was elanes puppet!

    zoe and Anna

  22. We have been making masks to tell stories. We have made animal masks to re-tell Aesop’s fables – The Lion and the Mouse and The Hare and the Tortoise. It is easier to tell a story with a puppet or a mask – especially if you are shy !

    Zeeshan and Diego
    Elephant class
    St Josephs

  23. Tayjus: Your puppets were really good I liked how you made those sticks to hold them with!! They look enigmatic!

    Tilly: Have you got some instructions to make your puppets?

    Grace: I like how you made the puppets with the sponge they look fantastic!!

    Danny: I liked how you made the puppets I have never made a puppet before. Please can you come over to teach us how to make puppet!!?

    • Hi Skullie,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Stay tuned for a new blog hopefully coming soon from the Year Ones. 🙂

      Mrs Sita

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